Let me preface this post by saying that this is not a sponsored post and I have not been paid by F45 Training Cochrane to do this review.

I first heard about the F45 gym prior to its opening in Cochrane (let’s be honest, I heard about it from Mark Wahlberg, a personal F45 fan on late night tv), but when I learned that there was a 7-day, no commitment, no fee trial, I was excited to give it a whirl.

I had such a fun (though tiring – exhausting – hadn’t busted a move in awhile) first class that I decided to tell everyone about it in a Facebook live video (top right).

Over the 7-day trial, I recorded & shared my thoughts about what I was learning, feeling and experiencing. I have a ‘gym past’, so I needed the week to put it all together in my head. What makes F45 Training different from other gyms, in both good and bad ways?

Turns out, F45 busts your hump for 45 minutes (more if you choose the 60 minute Hollywood class or you double up on your classes one day!) and gets your heart pumping, the sweat glands working and those muscles engaged. You don’t need to arrive at the gym wondering what your workout will be today? (Is it a legs day, arms, or core?) The workout is all set and hey, it’s never the same workout twice (thanks to some computer wizardry) – Goodbye Monotony!

Every exercise can be modified to fit your current workout condition (mine was slightly active, but even that may be wishful thinking!), age, weight and past injuries, so a beginner can get just as good of a workout in as the seasoned F45 pro. Also, because this is not a traditional gym, you are not following the leader at the front of the class, but instead are focusing on your own technique and the exercise at hand. Meanwhile, the F45 trainers circulate around the room to adjust your form or even help you through a set
(or two!). There is no plateauing here ever!

And because you are never doing the same workouts twice and because you are doing high intensity circuit-style training, all areas are equally worked, with different focuses to building muscle in each of the F45 workouts.

What I Loved:

What I Disliked:

So, if you want to try F45 Training in Cochrane for yourself, here’s the link: WEBSITE / 7 DAY TRIAL – I 100% endorse this Cochrane business and think that most people will love its interactive environment!

I’ll be seeing you at the gym Cochrane!