The Town of Cochrane, in partnership with SOUTHLAND Transportation, is excited to announce the integration of COLT with an enhanced On-It regional transit service between Cochrane and Calgary starting Monday, August 29th, 2022. 

This innovative public-private partnership will increase local transit capacity and create a robust regional transit schedule that meets the needs of the community. The regional service offers an easy and affordable option for people travelling between Cochrane and Calgary for work, school, shopping, and social activities. 

Cochrane to Calgary: starting from Cochrane’s new transit and Innovation hub, “The Station,” transit riders can connect to Calgary on the following routes: 

Calgary to Cochrane: arriving at The Station, transit riders can connect from Calgary on the following routes: 

To celebrate the exciting new local/regional service integration, On-It Regional Transit will be free for the first three days of service.

“We are thrilled that people traveling between Cochrane and Calgary will now have a more affordable, convenient, and environmentally friendly option. This integrated service will allow Cochranites to connect from their neighbourhood to Calgary without the need for a vehicle.”

says Devin LaFleche, Community Connectivity Advisor, Town of Cochrane.

SOUTHLAND Transportation’s Regional Director, Craig Loose, says, “SOUTHLAND Transportation is excited to partner with the Town of Cochrane to expand our commuter service and provide more options to Cochranites travelling to Calgary and Calgarians travelling to Cochrane. By integrating the COLT service with On-It, we are boosting local and regional accessibility, taking low occupancy vehicles off the road, and opening doors to business, employment, and education opportunities in both regions.” 

The COLT and On-It integration aims to connect people from their neighbourhood to the city, and vice versa, at a fraction of the cost of driving. The regional service fares, which include the local COLT connection, will cost:

Visit the following links for more information on the enhanced regional service, including routes and schedules: