Who needs a tree… it’s holiday spirit that counts!

Who needs a tree… it’s holiday spirit that counts!

This U13 JUNIOR CHAOS hockey team reached out to us to take part in our ‘GIVING TREES OF COCHRANE’, to help share their Christmas with Cochranites in need.

We made up Giving Tree tags for their group & thanks to Emery Kerkhoff who spear-headed, collected and delivered her team’s donation to Kumon today (one of our pick-up/drop-off locations), we’d like to give them a special thank you for participating.

Cochrane, you are amazing!

Written by
Samantha Nickerson

Samantha is the Founder of Urbancasual.ca and is also the Lead Content Creator. She is a community inspired individual who is always looking for better ways to serve and connect the community, whether it be through the sharing of stories or organizing local events.

Samantha also designs websites & is a digital marketer.

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Written by Samantha Nickerson