With the new Covid-19 restrictions, the Town is finalizing an expedited application and approval process to help local restaurants continue to serve customers within compliance.

The new process will allow restaurants to create temporary outdoor patios quickly and easily.

Cochrane CAO Mike Derricott says staff worked hard to put the new process in place quickly.

“We’re always looking for new ways to support local business,” Derricott says. “The combination of the new health regulations and improving weather made this a natural fit as a great way to help everyone support local.”

Temporary patios are allowed in private parking areas or on public property such as sidewalks, parks, municipally owned and reserve parcels, as well as in parking stalls on public roads.

When they apply, restaurants must provide details, follow specific guidelines and meet certain criteria. There is no waiting period and no fee.

Once the paperwork has been reviewed and approved by Town Planning staff, the patio can begin operations. Permits expire September 30, 2021.

Applications for temporary patios open today. To find out more: cochrane.ca/Patio