The Town of Cochrane invites residents to guess the current population

In anticipation of the upcoming municipal census, Cochrane residents are invited to participate in a contest to guess Cochrane’s current population for a chance to win a Cochrane-themed prize pack valued at $200.

Meant to bring awareness to the census beginning this April, the hope for the contest is that it’s a fun way to get residents ready to take part. This year’s census, scheduled to begin on April 3, holds particular significance as it marks the first one conducted since 2019. Given that many provincial grants are based on population numbers, obtaining an accurate count is crucial to securing appropriate funding.

The benefits of the census extend beyond getting funding opportunities. It also helps Cochrane to:

  • Keep track of our population between federal censuses
  • Plan better for social and infrastructure projects
  • Update emergency plans based on current population numbers

Residents interested in participating in the guess our population engagement can be submitted online at until April 7. Once the census is complete the results are sent to Alberta Municipal Affairs for official approval. The winner of the contest will be announced in early June when the official census information is released.

For more information on the 2024 municipal census, please visit

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Town of Cochrane
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