(Cochrane, AB) – Residential street cleaning officially starts Monday May 1.

Each subdivision is scheduled for a day of sweeping outside of the community waste and recycling collection day. The pre-sweep has been underway for the last few weeks and crews have been successful in removing significant winter sanding material from the roads, in advance of the main residential sweeping program. 

“Now that the pre-sweep is done, we need your help. When you see the signs in your community, please move your vehicle to off-street parking. To effectively clean our roads from curb-to-curb, all vehicles must be removed from the streets. Residents are asked to relocate their vehicles to driveways, alleys and parking lots during their neighbourhood sweep.” 

says Wally Hume, Roads Manager, Town of Cochrane.

Notification signs will be placed at neighbourhood entrances 48-hours prior to cleaning and removed when sweeping is complete and on-street parking can resume. During this time, residents are also asked to move curb ramps, hockey and basketball nets and are reminded that sporting equipment should always be kept on private property.

Street sweeping creates significant dust and residents may wish to close their windows while their neighbourhood is being swept. 

The schedule is confirmed by 8am daily on facebook.com/TownofCochrane and Twitter @TownofCochrane.