The Town of Cochrane knows COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our community. The Social Recovery Task Force (SRTF) wants to hear from residents about the specifics.

The SRTF is gathering information on how residents have been impacted by COVID-19 through a community survey launched online this week.

Cochrane Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) manager Kim Krawec says the survey will help the Task Force understand how residents have been personally affected by COVID-19.

“As we look toward recovery, it’s important we keep our community and the services they need top of mind to ensure we maintain quality of life,” explains Krawec. “The work of this task force is critical, not only to the health of Cochrane in the short-term, but also to creating a sustainable future for all residents for years to come.”

Town Council created the SRTF and the Economic Recover Task Force in May to help with Cochrane’s COVID recovery. The mandate of the SRFT is to support a coordinated response to resident and community needs during and after the pandemic, contributing to community well-being, safety and resilience.

The survey results and continued work of the SRTF will help the Town and local agencies support vulnerable and at-risk populations by identifying and responding to emerging needs. The data gathered will help FCSS apply for funding from other sources.

To participate in the survey, visit