RVC Downgrades Fire Ban to Advisory with Rain in the Forecast


The skies have finally opened up and we have some rain in the forecast over the next few days, so Rocky View County has decided to downgrade the fire ban to a fire advisory.

What does this mean?

The fire advisory will continue to be in effect as long as the risk for fire conditions remains high. While permit burning in the county is banned due to dry/windy conditions, all outstanding burning and fireworks permits are suspended until further notice, with a few exceptions.

You may use:

  • internal household fireplaces

  • incinerators (for farm or acreage use)

  • burning barrels

  • camp stoves

  • solid fuel barbecues (charcoal briquettes)

  • propane/natural gas barbecues

  • propane/natural gas fire pit

  • recreational camp fires (approved burn pit 24” in diameter or less)

  • chimeneas

  • fires contained within approved facilities and appliances in designated camping and recreational areas

  • oil well flaring must register with central fire dispatch at (403) 264 – 1022

For more information regarding fire bans/advisories in the area – CLICK HERE

Be safe Cochrane!


Written by
Samantha Nickerson

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Written by Samantha Nickerson