November 16, 2021

For the second year in a row, MR MIKES STEAKHOUSECASUAL is lighting up Christmas for Big Hill Haven and BGC Cochrane and Area.

The “Giving Tree” in MR MIKES STEAKHOUSECASUAL will be decorated with Christmas wishes from Big Hill Haven and the BGC starting November 16. Those wishing to brighten up Christmas for those in need can stop by MR MIKES STEAKHOUSECASUAL to pick up a card and fulfill a Christmas Wish.

Tags on the “Giving Tree” range from wishes for Christmas gifts for teenagers to gift card requests for Big Hill Haven clients.

“This is our way of building Christmas spirit,” says Brad Trent, General Manager of MR MIKES STEAKHOUSECASUAL “Come to MR MIKES STEAKHOUSECASUAL and make a teen’s Christmas Wish come true or make a Christmas better for someone dealing with domestic violence. We will be giving our “givers” a gift certificate in thanks for their Christmas generosity. Together we can make it a bright

“The Giving Tree is an amazing way to build Christmas spirit,” said Valerie Gilmore, Chair of Big Hill Haven. “People reach out to Big Hill Haven asking how they can help this Christmas, and the MR MIKES STEAKHOUSECASUAL Giving Tree is our answer.

Last year we received nearly $1,000 in grocery, gas, and local shopping gift certificates for the women and families that we are working with. We appreciate
their continued support.”

“Thanks to MR MIKES STEAKHOUSECASUAL and the generosity of the community, the Giving Tree will help make the holiday season extra special for BGC teens,” says Jill Bilodeau, Executive Director of BGC Cochrane & Area. “Thank you to everyone who donates.”

The charities will be collecting the gifts on December 21 to pass on to the women, teens, and children that they support so that the gifts will be ready for Christmas. The Giving Tree will remain up until December 31, and donations will be accepted until then.