Hello everyone, welcome to the Cochrane Coffee Chat for March 26, 2020

Items to Note:

Wild Bill’s DJ Services is back this Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 6pm with his LIVE All Request At-Home Dance Party! Stay tuned to our page for the most up to date link to connect.

> Cochrane Graphics available to share, go grab yours! #cochranetogether – https://bit.ly/2Jise69

> Cochrane Singles Group 18+ – JOIN NOW – https://bit.ly/3aohRcV

> Cochrane What’s For Dinner Group – JOIN NOW – https://bit.ly/3anqrsw

> Check out Shop Cochrane for your most up-to-date list of which business/restaurant is open/not open.

Saturday, March 28th –
> 2pm – LIVE All-request At-Home with Wild Bill’s DJ Services
> 4pm – Help Us, Help Our Community FOOD DRIVE

Sunday, March 29th –
> 2pm – LIVE All-request At-Home with Wild Bills’ DJ Services

Tuesday, March 31st –
> 11:30am – Annual General Meeting – Register now

That’s it Cochrane! Stay Healthy!

x Sam