One rink in Canada will win $250,000… let’s make it the Cochrane Arena!

It’s official, the “Ol’ Barn” is turning 50… far surpassing the 32 year lifespan expected of this type of facility, so the SLS Centre (operators of the old arena) has entered the Cochrane Arena into a contest, the Kraft Hockeyville 2023.

Should Cochrane win these funds, the Cochrane Arena would receive a renovation and improvements to all areas, such as the stands, dressing rooms and bathrooms.

As one of the fastest growing communities in Canada, keeping this rink open and in working order is in top priority, as spaces are limited as is in our community.


Nominate by submitting a story for 10 points, one story per person.

Record a video on your phone or send a written submission to include the answers to the following 3 questions:

  1. Tell Kraft Hockeyville about our community’s spirit as well as our passion for hockey. Can you describe or explain examples of how this came to life? (Watch our video above for inspiration).
  2. Tell Kraft Hockeyville us about our Arena. Why is it important to you, your family, and our community?
  3. Explain how our community will use the $250,000 to upgrade and improve our Arena.

    Don’t delay – we only have until February 19th for the first round of entries!