Count Yourself In, As Cochrane Gears Up for Census Day 2024

April 2, 2024 marks Census Day in Cochrane, kicking off a month-long campaign to remind residents to participate in the 2024 municipal census.

From Tuesday, April 2 to Sunday, April 8, 2024, households in Cochrane will receive door hangers with unique ID information, making it easy to complete the census online using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

“It only takes about a minute to fill out the survey, and the deadline for submission is April 30, providing ample time for residents to ‘Count themselves in’, says Stacey Loe, Executive Director of Corporate Services for the Town of Cochrane. “Accurate population counts not only assist in improving our service planning but also pave the way for potential increased funding opportunities through provincial grants.” 

Beyond funding, the census helps with long-term planning by collecting data for tailored social and infrastructure projects that meet residents’ needs.

It also improves emergency preparedness by informing evacuation plans, updating the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP), and ensuring precision in 911 services and emergency response protocols.

After data collection, census results will be submitted to Alberta Municipal Affairs for official population figures.

With Cochrane’s last federal census in 2021 recording a population of 32,199, there’s anticipation about the Town’s current demographic makeup. Cochrane is currently running a public engagement survey to guess the population with a fun prize pack available for one lucky resident with a guess closest to the final population count.

For those who need assistance or don’t have access to a computer, census enumerators will be visiting homes, and computer facilities at the Cochrane Public Library, The Station at Cochrane Crossing and the Cochrane RancheHouse are available for public census use. 

Complete the census online and find more information at

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