Mayor Jeff Genung revealed Cochrane’s plan to address traffic in a special Facebook Live event last Thursday evening (see video link below). The traffic plan is slated to start next year with widening Highway 1A from the bottom of the Big Hill/ until just past 6th Avenue.

Mayor Genung says the Town is taking control of its destiny.

“Traffic on the hill and along Highway 1A continues to challenge our community,” he said. “We recognized an opportunity to use provincial funds to advance this project in 2021. When complete, this work paves the way for streamlined traffic flow along Highway 1A and through the Highway 1A/22 interchange.”

The Town has been approved for $3.4m in Municipal Stimulus Funding (MSP) to support highway transportation improvements. The total expected budget for the Hwy 1A project is $12.9m, to be funded from offsite levies and debt, in addition to the approved MSP funding.


Scheduled in 2021:

• Hwy 1A upgrades: $8.6m

• Realignment of Fourth Ave to Fifth Ave: $3.1m

Scheduled for 2022:

• Town enhancements to Hwy 1A upgrades: $885,000

• Additional construction and engineering: $275,000

Scheduled for 2023:

• Centre Ave Phase 2: Expand to four lanes from Hwy 1A to Railway St

Highway 1A upgrade details:

• two westbound lanes from the bottom of the hill to west of Sixth Ave

• two eastbound lanes from west of Sixth Ave to the bottom of the hill

• medians to divide east and westbound traffic, as well as define turning lanes, between the bottom of the hill and west of Sixth Ave

• two dedicated left turn lanes from westbound Hwy 1A onto southbound Centre Ave

• dedicated left turn lanes from westbound Hwy 1A onto Third Ave and Fifth Ave

• dedicated right-turn lane from Centre Ave onto Hwy 1A

• new access to Third St businesses via Centre Ave north of Highway 1A

• realignment of Fourth Ave to Fifth Ave

• new access and turning lanes for Sixth Ave W businesses

This project is only one piece to our traffic solution puzzle. Recent improvements to Griffin Road, the completion of the Jack Tennant Memorial Bridge and connecting roadway, and phase 1 of the Centre Avenue improvements, are all part of the overall solution that has been implemented to date.

Whenever a borrowing bylaw is required to proceed with acquiring the debt required to fund this project; the draft bylaw will be presented to Council at their November 9 meeting.

The 2019 provincial budget included funds for upgrades to the Highway 1A/22 interchange; the province is continuing to plan for the interchange work, but no start date has been identified.

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