(Cochrane, AB) – The Town of Cochrane has declared a State of Local Emergency (SOLE) to create a legal state of affairs of a temporary nature so that the local authority may take extraordinary actions to deal with the emergency. 

“As a result of the water and wastewater incident on Saturday, October 21 and the uncontrolled impacts to the Town of Cochrane’s water reservoir supply, our water reservoirs are at critical levels,” said Shawn Polley, ECC Director, Town of Cochrane. “These levels directly impact our ability to provide water to the community and ensure the required water resources to support emergency fire suppression, if required. If water consumption continues at the current levels, we anticipate that some communities may soon be without water.” 

We are working with our regional partners. 

A SOLE provides the Town of Cochrane with the power to direct and control our response efforts, as well as coordinate with the province. 

We require everyone’s immediate cooperation.