Cochranites can now rejoice in a brand new town service… COLT – Cochrane’s On-Demand Local Transit system!

The COLT launched Monday October 7th at 10am, to help Cochranites move around town and to help alleviate traffic stress.

Ridership in its first week was much higher than anticipated with more than 5 riders per hour, a target that the Town of Cochrane did not expect to hit until early next year.

Some Cochranites were a little worried about how well the on-demand system would work; however, adjustments have been made to the app after the first week that should hopefully allow for more shared rides and pickup options.

As ridership in Cochrane continues, the app will become more flexible and will evolve as the demand is better understood.

The COLT transit system is FREE to ride until the end of 2019.

To download the app or to learn more, click here>>>