Beaupre Creek School – CHAPS

“Henri Anderson drove the children from the Ghost Dam to classes at Beaupré Creek for several years and later Harry Coleman drove them. Harry said, “I drove the Dam kids […]

Restaurants and Cafes – CHAPS

“George A. Bevan built this building and ran a confectionery and fruit store. Jack Beynon took over the building, made it longer and started a restaurant, serving meals but also […]

Centennial Audio Files – CHAPS

“Gordon has converted some old articles to audio. We’re pretty excited about it and will be adding them to our posts whenever applicable. We think that an explanation will do […]

2022 Top Stories Part 2 – CHAPS

“Hundreds upon hundreds of Blackfoot lodges spread through the valley, and the preparation of meat, tanning of hides, singing, and feasting went on, uninterrupted. On the hillsides, 15,000 or more […]