Losing your job is tough. Whether you have lost your job as a result of a closure or downsizing amidst the COVID-19 crisis, or have been unemployed since before these recent global developments, trying to find work during a pandemic is even more challenging.

With the gyms closing due to Covid-19 in March, I was out of a job and had clients that I cared about, who I knew were as upset as I was about losing out on daily gym visits. I needed to help them find a way to keep active (and mentally fit during this time) and I needed to find a new way to do what I loved. reFRESH Active Aging had always been a dream of mine, as a full-time business; however, as the pandemic raged on it became apparent to me that I would need to take a BIG STEP and move in an entirely different direction for me.

Enter in the SWEAT SQUAD mid-April.

Online, live workouts via ZOOM. Oh-em-gee! Questions like where to set up the camera… can they even see me do the moves or hear me, became my every day thoughts. What equipment do people have access to, how much space is required and finally, how do I help my clients feel more committed to home exercise like they were committed to the gym?

Despite all my daily questions of how to make everything work better for my clients (or me), it really was in those early days of the Sweat Squad that I realized my clients were as interested in helping me become successful, as they were interested in working out with me.

Some days we laughed together after class that I did a move and half of me was out of view, or that someone hadn’t muted themselves and we were let in on a fun convo! It did not take very long before all of my worries melted away and I could see inklings of those ‘gym class’ bonds forming within my group, enjoyed over a cup of coffee after our workout.

Now, ten months later, I have three classes available each day during the week (except Wednesday) and have added in Saturday and Sunday classes too. I have also added a team member, to help me with some of the workouts. I know that I am not the only online live program in town, as Cochrane is lucky to be home to many great trainers and practitioners to support us in our active lives, but I am glad that I trusted myself and my experience enough to make this leap.

If you are struggling to find ways to stay active, or are bored with your current workout routine, I’d love to see you pop in for a two week trial. Just simply reach out to me on my website or through my Facebook page.

That said, Cochrane offers up many fun ways to stay active in the outdoors, with over 60km of paved pathways to walk and bike year-round. Head to the Ranche during the winter to snowshoe or cross country ski, or even to run up and down 99 stairs, just for the view.

Keep Active Cochrane!