The topic of ‘Social Impact’ as part of your business strategy has many layers of questions.

No one questions wanting to make a social impact, but how to get there is often an internal struggle of resources and time.

Questions that should be asked:

1/ What kind of social impact would you like your business to have?

2/ Why do you want your business to have a social impact?

3/How to implement a social impact structure into your marketing and business strategy?

As entrepreneurs, it is easy to want to donate and give to every cause that comes into your mailbox; however, that is often an unrealistic feat.

What if you could take ownership over your giving strategy and give to whomever and whichever organization you like, on a monthly basis AND challenge others to help the cause?

On this Tuesday night at Found Books & Shop in Historic Downtown Cochrane, a room of Cochranites filled the space to hear about this topic from Innovate Cochrane, a community member driven organization who is looking to redefine collaboration + competition in our town.

Some businesses could simply tally up a month’s worth of percentages/$$$ and call it done. Two Pharmacy – this month’s ‘Fireside Guest Feature’ in Cochrane actively involves its benefactor + plus calls on their audience/customers to help make the donation bigger!

It all begins with Community Roots.

Community roots grow when we congregate.

Community roots grow when we look out for each other.

Community roots grow when we share stories.

There was video taken at this event that will be shared through the Innovate Cochrane webpage and social sites. Be sure to watch for it if you’d like to hear the whole discussion between Reid and Nathan.

Two Pharmacy is a bright light in Cochrane – be sure to check them out online or in-store.