Your Backyard Isn’t Cancelled Cochrane: How to Celebrate 50 Years of Earth Day At Home

The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day is coming up Wednesday, April 22nd & what a great way to get the kids learning and talking about the environment, nature and growing foods! Especially now, while we’re all stuck at home – doing work and school – take a break to reconnect with the out-of-doors for the day.

Get outside, mow the lawn, trim the bushes, plant a tree and BONUS, Earth Day work = Exercise too!

5 Tips to Celebrate Earth Day Without Leaving Your Home >>>

  • Get outside. Your backyard is an outdoor living room waiting to explore and it is a safe place for pets and kids to play. Spending time in your family’s yard is good for your health and well-being, making you less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress. Pro-Tip: Backyard picnics are the best!

  • Make your outdoor space a family project. Include your loved ones and engage their help to assess your outdoor space. What’s working well? What could be improved? What can you plan to do together in your backyard? Anything needing to be cleaned up? Make a plan to expand or spruce up your yard.

  • Connect kids to nature. Give kids the prompts they need to have fun learning about and exploring the nature and science in their own backyards. Take photos and then look up the birds online, identify different bugs and/or simply, play in the mud.

  • Know your climate zone. Do you know which climate zone you live in? Learn about climate-zone appropriate plants, the importance of pollinators, and how your backyard can support local wildlife. Conduct a plant inventory to determine what’s currently thriving in your backyard. Match that up against the Alberta Plant Hardiness Zone Map to determine the best types of trees, shrubs, and plants for the climate zone in Cochrane, Alberta. 

  • Plant, prune or mow. Staying confined to home base doesn’t mean gardening and yard work have to stop. Order garden supplies online or have them delivered from a nearby nursery like Anything Grows.

    We live in a truly beautiful town Cochrane, teeming with wildlife and glorious views, but on this Earth Day, spend the day enjoying your own backyards with your loved ones. Make a picnic, enjoy a fancy cocktail and soak up some vitamin D – Fido is not the only one who should be enjoying the backyard, so get out there Cochrane!

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Samantha Nickerson

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Written by Samantha Nickerson