To ensure traffic safety, motorists and pedestrians should anticipate new parking restrictions and traffic signs on West Rock Road, near the off-leash dog park and the Zero Gravity Skate Park.

‘No Stopping’ signs will be installed along West Rock Road in the coming weeks to replace the existing on-street parking zones on the roadway.

“This change is being implemented in response to a third-party traffic analysis that was arranged by Town staff in the summer,” said Roads Manager Wally Hume. “The study concluded poor sightlines warrant further restriction to the on-street parking and recommended increasing the no parking zones and upgrading them to no stopping zones to allow for improved safety for both drivers and pedestrians.”

With the removal of on-street parking, motorists can utilize the two parking lots adjacent to this location, as identified on the attached map.

In coming weeks, motorists and pedestrians will see:
A new stop sign on West Rock Road and West Side Drive to replace the current yield sign (blue dot on map).
No parking zone extended and ‘No Stopping’ signs installed along West Rock Road (red lines on map).