Paul Brandt’s “All About Her”,  is a song about his wife. But not just his wife, it may be a song about your wife too. Paul Brandt realized that his wife was an incredible inspiration to him and he hoped to write a song that would celebrate having her in his life. He certainly knows how to play on the heartstrings of listeners, as Canada’s number one country artist.  In fact, if you can make it through his latest video “All About Her” without getting teary-eyed, it is possible you have no heart.

“I take a bullet to the chest, I’ll fight till my dyin’ breath. Beg, steal and borrow, give all my tomorrows. I’ll move heaven, spin the earth, pray till I ran out of words… on bended knee, hands in the air so loud I wouldn’t care.”

But, if you take a closer look at the “All About Her” video, there is a couple of faces you may recognize from around town.  Cochranites Dave & Maureen were randomly selected on Facebook to appear in Paul Brandt’s video!

Dave and Maureen met on an online dating website and have been together for almost six years. They moved to Cochrane, Alberta in 2014 because of their shared love of the outdoors. They are avid runners, hikers, mountain bikers and they also belong to the Cochrane Outdoor Adventure Group. They have been married since August 2016 and they also have a little girl (she’s super cute btw).

Maureen has her own business, two year old ‘MassageWorks Cochrane‘ and has been a sports therapist for 11 years. Dave is a third year apprentice who works in HVAC, but is currently doing some school before returning up north to work. This couple is definitely community-minded and fills their quota of volunteer hours, working on causes such as the local food bank, the animal shelter, and with their church.

Fun Anecdotes

As a sports therapist, Maureen has worked on many famous athletes; however, her most interesting patient to date was a CIA agent.

And… apparently Dave was the first to say ‘I Love You’; however, he said it while he was sleeping so we’re not totally sure that counts. Oh, and some people think he’s the spitting image of Robert Downey Jr., a real life Iron Man.

What do you think Cochrane??

Be sure to look for our local celebs Maureen and Dave around town
& remember to grab their autographs!