What first began as a walk-in/walk-out dining establishment for ‘Donair on the Run’ (hence ‘on the Run’) and Camille Elain more than 10 years ago, has recently morphed into a full-sized, licensed restaurant in Historic Downtown, with a reputation for great service and food quality. In fact, ‘Donair on the Run’ is so good that it was named “The 2015 #1 Place in Canada to Find The Most Delicious Cheap Eats for Under $10″ by Buzzfeed Canada

As I reached for the door handle to enter the Rocky View Mall, instead of the once tiny ordering area, my eyes were pleased to meet with the industrial themed – cool – vibe of the new decor. That cow and the blue of the seats lit up the room, while each table was decorated with a terrarium glass arrangement from the flower shop next door.

As I approached the ordering area, the staff were waiting for me with hellos and smiles. I quickly looked over the menu, realizing that I am indeed no donair expert by any means, and that this may require some help! The staff was knowledgeable about their product, they were able to guide me and provide me with options, and I didn’t feel like I was hindering the whole line-up. Satisfied with our selections, we paid for our food and went to find a table.

We quickly found a seat by the window even though it was noon time and quite busy, but it was nice to have a view of all the happenings on the street. Within a few minutes, our food ‘The Boss’ (with chicken & all the fixings) and the ‘El Greco’ (with lamb) had arrived to our table, while the black and white squares on the paper lined trays, added a complimentary flair to the decor.

I was glad to have only ordered the ‘regular’ size, as the ‘large’ would have been a case of ‘eyes bigger than my stomach’, but the wrap and the veggies of my El Greco were fresh, it wasn’t too saucy or too messy (I have an affinity for things ending up on my shirt!) and the lamb was oh so tender.  My dining guest was very happy with ‘The Boss’ and chose to order his with everything on the list, but noted the pineapple to be a nice addition to a donair.

Is ‘Donair on the Run really the best cheap eat in Canada under ten bucks?


And we fine folks of Cochrane, Alberta, are oh so lucky to have a tasty local
food option for on-the-go, right in Historic Downtown.

If you haven’t had a chance to pop into ‘Donair on the Run’ lately (or ever!), you should!

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