One day, my son and I had a list of to-dos around town, with a 45 minute lull in between appointments, so we decided this would be the perfect time to go for a coffee (for me!) and a snack. We had been driving past Deja Brew Family Friendly Cafe for awhile now, but still had not been in, so we set off for their area of downtown.

We found ourselves a seat in the main area and looked over the menu. There were a lot of tasty sounding options and some unique things too! My son and I chose our snack and had fun chatting about the decor and about the different themes of the cafe, but we did not expect to find what we found next?

Naturally, like any child must do when visiting a new restaurant or cafe… my son went to the washroom. The washroom he chose was the World’s Tiniest Titanic Museum, and with this revelation, I checked out the other washrooms to find an Amelia Earhart museum too!

This then led to some discussion with the owners who were working the cafe that day, about how this museum came to be, and how a family member of theirs had not survived the Titanic.

It’s the loo with a view at Deja Brew!

Have you been into Deja Brew yet?