1st West, Cochrane, Alberta (now next to Home Hardware as of 2022)
(403) 402 – 9233
Hours of Operation:
Daily from 7am to 3pm


If you’ve been living in Cochrane for awhile, you’ll be the first to admit that we’ve been severely lacking in the breakfast department. While plenty of restaurants do offer breakfast, a lot of those restaurants do not open their doors until 10am or 11am.


What about all the early risers in town who need to eat, or for those with little children who still wake them at the crack of dawn?? (Note: at the time of this review, Smitty’s was not open.)


Enter… Sunny Side Up – Local Family Breakfast on 1st Street in Historic Downtown Cochrane


Open at 7am, Sunny Side Up is waiting to greet you with home-made, locally sourced ingredients, to start your day off right.


Sunny Side Up has only been open a few weeks, but the menu has quite a few options and the prices are very reasonable. The coffee was priced like coffee should be priced (and bottomless at that!), while the glasses of juice (yummy peach juice!) were only a Twoonie. 


If you’re lucky enough to eat at Sunny Side Up when they have their sourdough bread on-the-go, you are about to eat something great! We also enjoyed their in-house potato patty (similar to a hashbrown) – original and noteworthy.


What I HadThe 1 Hen Breakfast


1 soft poached egg


in-house potato patty

sourdough bread

& fresh fruit


What Makes Sunny Side Up Great: They focus on serving up wholesome meals, while showcasing local finds. Sunny Side Up also had fresh kombucha on tap by Truebuch Kombucha, which is definitely a unique offering. My husband, the non-melon fruit fan, LOVED that their fruit cup did not contain one sliver of watermelon or cantaloupe. He ate the whole thing.



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