Ramada Inn Fire Re-Ignites due to Hotspots

Firefighters will be actively managing hot spots this afternoon with light to medium smoke being seen from the site. There is no concern or risk of building re-ignition at this time.

Glenbow School is currently being evacuated as a result of the smoke from the Ramada fire. Parents are asked to follow the direction provided by the school.Residents in the Glenbow area may experience smoky conditions in and around their homes. Stay indoors and keep windows closed.

For those with respiratory sensitivities, you may wish to consider leaving the area for the time being.

As emergency response continues, we ask for your continued support in avoiding the area and giving crews the space they need to do their job.

Written by
Samantha Nickerson

Samantha is the Founder of Urbancasual.ca and is also the Lead Content Creator. She is a community inspired individual who is always looking for better ways to serve and connect the community, whether it be through the sharing of stories or organizing local events.

Samantha also designs websites & is a digital marketer.

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Written by Samantha Nickerson