When Covid-19 reared its ugly head, Tara McFadden (Funds Development Manager of Big Hill Haven) reached out to us with an idea that she needed some help to collaborate on. We were happy to use our designing skills to whip up some fun things for the people of Cochrane, to remember that when times are tough, Cochrane Keeps Calm & Carries On. #cochranetogether

The first product has hit the store and is a PRE-SALE, which means that a batch order will be done up to save on costs and to maximize the benefits to Big Hill Haven, as 50% of all proceeds will be donated. In this year of Covid-19, this organization will not be holding its fundraising events like usual, so funds will be harder to obtain.

PLEASE NOTE: If you make a purchase BEFORE August 8th, you will save $5

ALSO NOTE: The pre-sale end date is August 22nd, 2020 – at that point we will be able to estimate the pick-up date or delivery date.

Thank you for supporting this initiative and we cannot wait to see Cochrane in all these beautiful colours!


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